BAOJI TAIRONG METAL MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, is specialized in non-ferrous metal materials manufacturing, processing, product design and new product development. As a high-tech enterprise, we are mainly engaged in rare metal materials, including titanium, tantalum,zirconium, tungsten, molybdenum, niobium in various shapes of alloy rods, tubes, plates, wires, forgings and accessories, etc.

We possess strong technical power, strict and scientific management system, perfect production and processing capacity, and advanced detection instrument, so it is capable for us to provide superior products and services for customers. They are widely used in chemical, petroleum, aerospace, medical, sports, metallurgy, marine and some other fields. They have passed various professional quality inspection standards,including GB Series, ASTM series, American aerospace AMS series, American military MIL Series, American ASME series, Britain BS series, and Germany DIN series, etc.

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It specializes in providing one-stop services for R & D, production
and sales of agricultural equipment

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It specializes in providing one-stop services for R & D, production
and sales of agricultural equipment

  • Release time:2022-7-21 11:44:16

    What will happen if the bearing is stored too long

    Impact of bearing storage for too long: the characteristics of the lubricating grease in the bearing may be affected after long-term storage of the bearing with sealing ring or dust cover.Scientific s...
  • Release time:2022-7-21 11:43:28

    How many years is the bearing life?

    Imported bearings can be used for 2-5 years, while domestic bearings are generally more than 2-4 years. At present, the main shaft bearings are mostly unnatural damage, and most of them are premature ...
  • Release time:2022-7-21 11:42:55

    What is the meaning of bearing accuracy grade p4p5? Which grade is higher

    P4 bearing has higher dimensional precision and rotation precision than P5 bearing.The grades of bearings are divided into four levels: po-p6-p5-p4-p2. Po level is the national standard and the most c...
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