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What are the benefits of titanium to the human body?

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Titanium belongs to the metal category and is used in pharmaceuticals, food, chemical industry, industry, and medical treatment in daily life. It is a stable element with no toxicity and no radioactivity.buy titanium sheet -TIRONG METAL

Titanium benefits 

Titanium has special current characteristics, which have beneficial physiological effects on the human body, and its chemical stability is stable, and it will not change or deteriorate in leanness, which is beneficial to human health.

Titanium alloys are memory alloys, and shape memory alloys are special alloys that can deform themselves and automatically return to their original shape at a specific temperature. Its expansion ratio is relatively high, its damping characteristics are 10 times higher than that of ordinary springs, and its corrosion resistance is better than that of the best medical stainless steel at present. Therefore, it can be used in the medical field and is a very excellent functional material. For example, the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high damping and super elasticity make it widely used in the medical field.

Titanium alloy products have now become a common substitute for human bones in medical treatment. Titanium is used to manufacture hip joints, elbow joints, knee joints, bone plates, dental implants, and skull defect repair after craniocerebral surgery. The coronary stents we use are made of titanium alloys.

The application of titanium products can achieve the effects of mental relaxation, muscle relaxation and motor function improvement.

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