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Titanium bar - part 2

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Titanium bar executive standard

National standards: gb/t2965-2007, gb/t13810, q/bs5331-91

American Standard: ASTM b348, ASTM F136, ASTM F67, ams4928

1、 Reference standards

1: GB 228 metal tensile test method

2: Gb/t 3620.1 grades and chemical compositions of titanium and titanium alloys

3: Gb/t3620.2 titanium and titanium alloy processing pbaructs chemical composition and allowable deviation of composition

4: GB 4698 sponge titanium, titanium and titanium alloys -- Methods for chemical analysis

2、 Technical requirements

1: The chemical composition of titanium and titanium alloy bars shall comply with the provisions of gb/t 3620.1. When repeated inspection is required, the allowable deviation of chemical composition shall comply with the provisions of gb/t 3620.2.

2: The diameter or side length and its allowable deviation of hot worked bars shall comply with the provisions in Table 1.

3: After hot processing, the diameter allowable deviation of rolled (ground) and cold drawn bars shall comply with the provisions in Table 2.

4: After hot processing, the out of roundness of the turned (ground) smooth bar shall not be greater than half of its dimensional tolerance.

5: The indefinite length of the processed bar is 300-6000mm, the indefinite length of the annealed bar is 300-2000mm, and the indefinite length or multiple length shall be within the indefinite length range The allowable deviation of fixed length is +20mm; The length of the double ruler shall also be included in the cut amount of the bar, and the amount of each opening is 5mm The fixed length or double length shall be indicated in the contract.

Medical titanium bar

Specification: rolling ¢ 8.0---40mm ×  L; Forging ¢ 40---150mm × Ltitanium hex bar stock - TIRONG TECH

Metallographic structure: the grain size of pure titanium shall not be less than grade 5, and TC4 titanium alloy shall comply with a1-a9

Surface: black leather surface, polished surface, polished surface (H11, H9, H8)

Performance of medical titanium bar (refer to Executive Standards: gb/t13810-2007, ASTM f67/f136).

Room temperature properties of medical titanium bar gb/t13810-2007

Brand   Status   Diameter or side length   tensile strength σ b   yield strength σ zero point two   Elongation after fracture   Reduction of area

mm   MPa   MPa   A%   Z%

TA1ELI   M  > 7~90   ≥200   ≥140   ≥30   ≥30

TA1   M    ≥240   ≥170   ≥24   ≥30

TA2   M    ≥400   ≥275   ≥20   ≥30

TA3   M    ≥500   ≥380   ≥18   ≥30

TA4   M    ≥580   ≥485   ≥15   ≥25

TC4   M  > 7~50   ≥930   ≥860   ≥10   ≥25

M  > 50~90   ≥895   ≥830   ≥10   ≥25

TC4ELI   M  > 7~45   ≥860   ≥795   ≥10   ≥25

M  > 45~65   ≥825   ≥760   ≥8   ≥20

M  > 65~90   ≥825   ≥760   ≥8   ≥15

TC20   M  > 7~100   ≥900   ≥800   ≥10   ≥25

Note: for titanium bar with diameter greater than 75mm, take the bar to the sample.

The mechanical properties of the above medical titanium bars comply with the national standard gb/t13810-2007; For medical titanium bar pbaructs in American Standard ASTM f67/f136, please refer to pure titanium bar ASTM F67 and titanium alloy bar ASTM F136

Titanium alloy knowledge

Titanium is an important structural metal developed in the 1950s. Titanium alloys are widely used in various fields because of their high specific strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance. Many countries in the world have recognized the importance of titanium alloy materials, have carried out research and development, and have been applied in practice. Titanium is the Ⅳ B element in the periodic table. It looks like steel with a melting point of 1672 ℃. It is a refractory metal. Titanium is abundant in the earth's crust, much higher than common metals such as Cu, Zn, Sn and Pb. China is extremely rich in titanium resources. Only in the super large vanadium titanium magnetite discovered in Panzhihua, Sichuan Province, the associated titanium metal reserves reach about 420million tons, which is close to the total proven titanium reserves abroad. Titanium alloys can be divided into heat-resistant alloys, high-strength alloys, corrosion-resistant alloys (titanium molybdenum, titanium palladium alloys, etc.), low-temperature alloys and special functional alloys (titanium iron hydrogen storage materials and titanium nickel memory alloys).

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