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The things you must know about nickel carbonyl - part 2

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The things you must know about nickel carbonyl

After hundreds of years of development, carbonyl method has formed three production processes under normal pressure, medium pressure and high pressure. The main difference lies in the difference in synthesis pressure. The products obtained from the pyrolysis of carbonyl nickel are basically similar in structure, including thousands of products such as nickel shot, nickel iron shot, pure nickel powder, nickel coating powder and nickel iron alloy powder, nickel fiber, nickel foil and nickel iron foil, as well as sponge nickel and spherical nickel developed for the energy and communication industries in recent years.

High pressure nickel carbonyl production process mainly includes the following processes: material preparation, synthesis, rectification and decomposition.

Material preparation: raw materials are melted in electric furnace or other furnaces, mixed with sulfur and quenched with water to make particles of certain size. Nickel containing materials suitable for carbonyl treatment can be divided into nickel, copper nickel, iron nickel and iron copper nickel according to chemical composition. The sources of materials are also very wide, including products from different stages of processing nickel sulfide ore or nickel oxide ore, as well as secondary materials.nickel plating cost per kg - TIRONG TECH

Synthesis: under certain temperature and pressure conditions, carbon monoxide gas and raw material particles react with nickel and part of iron in the synthesis kettle to generate volatile Ni (CO) - and Fe (cO) 5 gases, and then condense the gas into liquid crude nickel carbonyl. Copper, cobalt and precious metals in raw materials are almost all left in the carbonylation residue, and valuable metals can be recovered after further treatment.

Distillation, crude nickel carbonyl is separated and purified from Ni (CO) and Fe (CO) by using the difference of boiling points of the two carbonyls in the distillation tower to obtain pure liquid nickel carbonyl and a mixture of nickel carbonyl and iron carbonyl.

Decomposition: after the liquid pure carbonyl nickel is heated and evaporated in the evaporator, it is fed into different decomposers to produce different nickel products: nickel powder, nickel shot, nickel foil, etc; CO is recycled.

In order to compensate for the loss of CO in the production process, there are also carbon monoxide manufacturing processes and oxygen stations that use oxygen to react with coke in the gas furnace to generate carbon monoxide.

The prospect of carbonyl method development depends on two factors: the main advantage of carbonyl nickel is its high purity, which can produce various carbonyl nickel products with unique characteristics under various states, thus promoting production, because it is suitable for the requirements of the vigorous development of the latest technology field, especially the needs of carbonyl nickel in the chemical industry. Therefore, it provides favorable conditions for the development of carbonyl nickel. In the consumption structure of nickel, about a quarter or more of them use compact nickel to produce steel and alloy. This is not only a special requirement for nickel, but also a major producer of nickel. Therefore, the carbonyl method is not only a monopoly, but also a competitive process.

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