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The things you must know about nickel carbonyl - part 1

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The things you must know about nickel carbonyl

The industrial production of nickel carbonyl appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. After more than 100 years of development, both industrialization and product development have been very perfect. Nickel carbonyl and its derived nickel metal products have many advantages, such as variety, high purity, low cost, and very wide range of uses. They are essential basic raw materials for many new and high technologies. The development of nickel carbonyl technology and the development of nickel carbonyl series products will bring significant economic benefits and development stamina to enterprises and further enhance their market competitiveness.

At present, the nickel produced by carbonyl method accounts for about one fifth of the total nickel output in the world, while the output in China is far from that in the world. At present, the production scale of carbonyl nickel powder is the largest in Canada, with advanced technology, low cost, stable quality, and the output and export volume ranking first in the world, followed by the United Kingdom and the United States, while Russia produces a wide range of varieties and uses. According to current data, foreign carbonyl nickel refining now has an annual production capacity of about 144000 tons of refined nickel, of which more than 90% is owned by international nickel companies. In the production capacity of 144000 tons/year, the nickel alloy sheet metal price - TIRONG TECHproduction capacity of nickel pellets is 123000 tons/year, accounting for about 85% of all carbonyl nickel products, and the production capacity of carbonyl nickel powder is about 21000 tons/year, of which the output of carbonyl nickel powder of Russia North Nickel Company is 5000 tons/year, accounting for about 24% of the total output of carbonyl nickel powder, and the rest are almost all products of international nickel companies. In China, only Southwest Metal Products Factory has small-scale production. The original design scale is 40 tons/year. After reconstruction and expansion, the design scale is 500 tons/year. However, due to the influence of many factors such as raw materials, technology, quality and price, the production has not been fully reached, and its actual output has been hovering at the level of 100-200 tons/year. The main products are carbonyl nickel powder, carbonyl iron powder, nickel iron alloy powder, composite nickel powder series, battery substrate, microporous filter and other products. According to the survey of several major manufacturers of nickel cadmium or nickel hydrogen battery in China, in 1999, the carbonyl nickel powder used only in the nickel hydrogen battery industry in China reached the level of 2200-2300 tons, almost all of which were imported.

At present, the production of carbonyl nickel powder abroad mainly includes International Nickel Company and Northern Nickel Company of Russia, while the nickel powder produced in Russia is mainly for domestic consumption. Therefore, the world carbonyl nickel powder market has been monopolized by international nickel companies. In recent years, although the price of electric nickel fluctuates greatly, the price of carbonyl nickel powder has been stable at about 11000~13000 dollars/ton, with little fluctuation. Nickel pellets are not listed and traded on the London Metal Exchange, and their price is a trade secret. According to materials, the price of Russian nickel pellets with high purity is about twice that of electrolytic nickel in the same period, which is higher than the price of ordinary carbonyl nickel powder. In the domestic market, due to the rapid growth of energy and information in recent years, the consumption demand of carbonyl nickel powder has also increased rapidly, especially in the battery industry, and the application prospect is encouraging. The consumption of nickel pellets at home and abroad is quite different. At present, the production capacity of carbonyl nickel pellets is about 3.5 times that of carbonyl nickel powder internationally, but there is no production in China, and the current consumption is quite limited. This is mainly due to the relatively backward domestic material industry and the low production varieties and output of high-quality special steel. With the further development of the national economy, it is an inevitable trend to increase and expand the production of high-quality special steel.

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