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The market of ferro nickel

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With the recovery of the domestic stainless steel industry, the domestic ferro nickel production has also embarked on the road of recovery. In the face of the transitional mining of nickel sulfide ores and the scarcity of laterite nickel ore resources in China, many domestic stainless steel related enterprises have taken the strategy of going global to actively invest in the development of foreign laterite nickel ores; Some stainless steel plants also build ferronickel smelting equipment by themselves, and adopt the self production and self sale mode of "imported nickel ore - self production - self consumption". Compared with direct outsourcing ferronickel, the self production and self sale mode is obviously more conducive to saving costs. In addition, the rapid release of domestic ferronickel production capacity will inevitably lead to fierce competition and a certain degree of pressure on domestic ferronickel prices. All these factors have led to the current domestic ferronickel The import volume of nickel ore has decreased and increased.

The market of ferro nickel

Since the second half of 2005, Chinese producers have imported laterite nickel ores from Filippin, Indonesia and New Nickel bar company - TIRONG TECHCaledonia to produce low-grade ferronickel, which has low nickel content (3% - 5%) and high phosphorus content. Laterite nickel ore in New Caledonia has a high grade (2% nickel) and low water content. It can be processed into ferronickel containing 10% nickel. However, due to high freight costs and the new government's ban on the export of raw ores, the number of laterite nickel ore transported to China is not large at present; Filippin's laterite nickel ore has low grade (1% nickel) and low freight. It can be processed into ferronickel containing 2% - 4% nickel, but the water content of the ore is up to 30%, which is not conducive to shipment. Indonesia's ore is of high grade and low water content, which will become the main raw material source of ferronickel in China. Laterite nickel ore is the main form of nickel resources, so the production of ferronickel from laterite nickel ore will become the future development trend.

The current ferronickel smelting process has certain problems. Most of the existing ferronickel production processes in China are backward processes with high energy consumption and high pollution, such as blast furnace smelting or ore thermal electric furnace, while relatively mature and advanced production processes are in the hands of a few developed countries. At present, the cost of smelting ferronickel by electric furnace is 21000 yuan/ton. It is obvious that the development of this industry is in contradiction with the medium and long-term task of saving energy and reducing consumption and curbing the blind expansion of high energy consuming industries in China. According to the policy issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, the iron making blast furnaces below 300m3 are to be eliminated. Most nickel bearing pig iron is produced by using the small blast furnaces eliminated in the steel industry policy. This blind expansion is considered by most analysts to be the resurgence of high energy consumption industries. In the middle of August 2007, the state released the "Issues on Prohibiting the Conversion of Obsolete Equipment such as Backward Ferronickel Blast Furnace to Other Use", which put forward new requirements on the enterprise scale, equipment capacity and environmental protection of the industry, making the industry return to a calm state. At the same time, the nickel content of ferronickel produced by the blast furnace is low, generally not more than 5%, and the content of P and S in the low nickel pig iron is difficult to control, which increases the difficulty of stainless steel plants to use, making the market competitiveness of ferronickel products very weak.

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