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Nickel salt

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Nickel salt

So far, nickel salts that can be produced on a large scale and widely used are mainly nickel sulfate and nickel chloride. They are mainly used in the nickel plating industry, and they are also the main raw materials for the production of other nickel salts and nickel products, such as nickel fluoride, nickel sulfamate, nickel nitrate, nickel oxide, nickel oxide, etc. The above products have also been widely used in metal coloring, precision electroplating, catalyst manufacturing, high-grade alloy production, etc. Nickel hydroxide produced from high-quality nickel sulfate is an important raw material for manufacturing green energy nickel hydrogen battery. The development of electronics, information and related high-tech industries has also greatly promoted the development and progress of the battery industry. At present, Jinchuan Company, Jinke Company and Jean Nickel Industry Company are the main nickel salt producers in China. Their nickel sulfate and nickel chloride products have large output and high quality, accounting for more than 80% of the domestic market. Due to the restriction of nickel raw materials, the production capacity of other domestic manufacturers is relatively small, and some copper smelting plants also produce a small amount of nickel salt products.

Nickel sulfate

The production methods of nickel sulfate are different due to different nickel containing materials. The main methods are as follows:nickel 200 sheet price - TIRONG TECH

① Nickel sulfate can be obtained by evaporating and crystallizing high-purity nickel liquid by using electric nickel melting water quenching or carbonyl nickel powder dissolved in sulfuric acid.

② Nickel sulfate is produced by using low copper and high nickel matte or high matte milled floating nickel concentrate and waste nickel alloy as raw materials and using pressure leaching purification to remove impurities.

③ Nickel sulfate is produced from crude nickel sulfate generated in the production of electrolytic copper or waste nickel carbonate generated in the nickel electrolysis process through sulfuric acid dissolution, purification and impurity removal.

④ Using water quenched high nickel matte of converter as raw material, nickel sulfate was produced by sulfuric acid selective oxidation leaching under atmospheric pressure and pressure. The method has the advantages of low consumption, low cost, no pollution and high product quality.

Nickel chloride

The production process of nickel chloride mainly includes hydrochloric acid dissolution method and chlorine leaching extraction method.

The process of producing nickel chloride by hydrochloric acid dissolution method is similar to that of producing nickel sulfate by sulfuric acid dissolution method. First, convert nickel in nickel salt solution into nickel sulfate precipitation, wash it with hot water to remove sodium salt, then dissolve nickel carbonate precipitation with hydrochloric acid, and finally produce crystalline nickel chloride products through purification, impurity removal, evaporation, crystallization and other processes.

The chlorine leaching extraction method is to leach nickel containing raw materials with chlorine, extract impurities with anionic extractant, and then produce nickel chloride by evaporation crystallization.

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