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Nickel Industrial Products, Production Process and Market Demand Analysis

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Nickel Industrial Products, Production Process and Market Demand Analysis

Nickel is widely used in stainless steel, electroplating, battery, chemical industry and other fields due to its good mechanical strength, ductility and high chemical stability. It basically covers all industries from civil products to aerospace, missiles, submarines, nuclear reactors and so on. It has become an indispensable metal for the development of modern aviation industry, national defense industry and the establishment of a modern system of high-level material and cultural life of mankind. Nickel ore and concentrate are characterized by low grade, complex composition, many associated gangue and refractory materials, which makes the production method of nickel more complex. According to the different types, grades and user requirements of ores, many different forms of products can be produced. There are usually pure metal nickel, industrial nickel (ordinary nickel), sintered nickel oxide, nickel iron alloy, nickel salt products and a small number of special products such as nickel foam, nickel fiber, nickel foil, etc. In pure metal nickel, there are electrolytic nickel, powdered nickel, nickel shot, nickel block, etc.

Nickel is mainly used in the production of stainless steel, superalloy steel, high-performance special alloys and nickel based spraying materials in the form of alloy elements; Nickel cobalt alloy is an important magnetic material. Nickel base alloy is used to manufacture the roll of jet turbine, power turbine and steel rolling mill; The deep processed products of nickel salt and nickel are widely used in petroleum catalysts, rechargeable batteries, etc. The above products are closely related to market demand, production raw materials, production process and technology. With the change of market demand, the change of production materials and the progress of technology, the proportion of these products will change greatly. It is expected that with the expansion of nickel oxide treatment capacity in the next five years, the proportion of nickel block, nickel powder, nickel shot, sintered nickel oxide, nickel iron alloy and other products will change greatly.

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Electrolytic nickel products have the characteristics of high purity, low impurity content, high melting point, strong corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties such as pressure processing under cold and hot conditions, and special physical properties such as magnetism, magnetic elongation, shrinkage, and high electric vacuum performance, so they are widely used in industry. At present, the raw materials for the production of electrolytic nickel are mainly nickel sulfide ore and nickel oxide ore from the land. According to the different raw materials, the electrolysis process is also different. For nickel sulfide ores, there are mainly sulfuric acid selective leaching - cobalt removal from black nickel - electrolytic deposition method and grinding flotation - nickel sulfide electrolytic refining method, which are the two most typical processes currently used in nickel metallurgy in China, as shown in Figure 1. Other methods include chlorination leaching electrolytic deposition.

The basic process of chlorination leaching electrolysis deposition method is to control the potential by passing chlorine at 110 ℃, and carry out complete oxidation leaching for the displaced leached residue. After removing part of the excess Cu2+from the leaching solution, in the first stage of displacement leaching process, control the low potential, add new nickel concentrate for displacement leaching. The two stages of leaching process are countercurrent, at the same time, reduce the Cu+to a lower level, replace the copper removal leaching solution, neutralize and remove iron, lead, arsenic, etc. with nickel carbonate, and then separate nickel and cobalt by solvent extraction. Nickel cobalt chloride solution is electrodeposited to obtain cathode nickel and cathode cobalt respectively. The chlorine generated on the anode can be returned for leaching.

At present, reduction roasting ammonia leaching electrolytic deposition method is mainly used to prepare electrolytic nickel from nickel oxide ore. The brief technological process is as follows: reduction roasting ammonia leaching purification cobalt separation evaporation ammonia precipitation nickel carbonate sulfuric acid dissolution electrolysis. In order to improve the nickel cobalt leaching rate, the United States Bureau of Mines has developed a new process of reducing roasting ammonia leaching to treat laterite ore, which is called USBM process for short. The key point of this method is that pyrite (FeS2) is added for granulation before reduction roasting, and pure carbon monoxide is used for reduction. The lixivium uses LIX64-N as the extractant to separate cobalt and nickel. The whole system is closed circuit circulation, which effectively uses resources.

From January to November 2009, China exported 25800 tons of electrolytic nickel, a significant increase of 938% year on year. The export destinations were South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, among which the electrolytic nickel exported to Singapore may have returned to the LME warehouse again, while the export to South Korea and Taiwan was due to the gradual increase of local stainless steel production, and the demand for nickel began to rise. According to the statistics of nonferrous metals association, the output of electrolytic nickel in China was 14943t in June 2010, and the cumulative output in the first half of the year was 82731t, an increase of 7.19% year on year. The increase is mainly from Jiangli Technology and Guangxi Yinyi, two enterprises that use hydrometallurgy to produce electrolytic nickel from laterite nickel ore.

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