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Application of Zirconium alloy materials

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Zirconium alloy applied in nuclear industry

Zirconium alloy is widely used in nuclear industry because of its low thermal neutron absorption cross-sectional area and good corrosion resistance. Zirconium alloy parts in nuclear reactor mainly include fuel cladding tube, control rod guide tube, pressure tube, element box and other structural materials. In addition to the traditional Zr-4 alloy, new high-performance zirconium alloys, such as NZ2 and NZ8, have been gradually derived from zirconium alloys used in the nuclear industry. It is found that the workpiece processed with this material has better corrosion resistance in high-temperature water and high-temperature steam environment.

Pure Zirconium alloy applied in space exploration

Components that have been in service for a long time in special environments such as deep-sea and space exploration will generally face problems such as fatigue damage, oxygen atom erosion and wear. It is said that the 20Cr and other alloy steels used in the original technology can no longer meet the life requirements of these components. Zirconium and its alloys have the potential of low thermal expansion coefficient and radiation damage resistance, and have great potential in unconventional environments in special fields such as space exploration, in particular, the newly developed high strength and toughness zirconium alloy (such as zr45ti5a13v) has more obvious advantages in use.Zirconium alloy materials for sale -TIRONG METAL

Zirconium alloy tubes applied in chemical industry

Because zirconium and its alloys have strong corrosion resistance to various acid environments, they are also widely used in the chemical industry, such as valves, acid resistant pumps, heat-resistant pumps, heat exchange tubes, agitators and nozzles. Zirconium is widely used in the vinegar rainbow industry in equipment, pipelines, reactors, vessels, agitators, heat exchangers, pumps, valves and other acetic acid plants. The zirconium alloy grades used are mainly zrr60702 and zrr60705. Generally, zrr60702 is used, and zrr60705 is generally used in occasions with high strength requirements.

Zirconium alloy applied dental field

In addition, zirconium has been playing an important role in the dental field. Because zirconia has certain chemical stability and biocompatibility, zirconia ceramics have become very popular dental materials.

After research, it is found that α+β  Biphasic sum β Single phase zirconium alloy has good biocompatibility with human muscle, bone and brain. In addition, β Single phase alloys and α Compared with single-phase alloy, single-phase alloy has better corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It is a very potential alloy for surgical implantation and can be used in biomedical materials and medical devices.

It can be seen from the existing research that the application of zirconium alloy has involved many fields of national economy and national defense construction. In addition to the mature application in the nuclear industry and chemical industry, its application in aerospace and medicine has also been gradually deepened. In particular, the research and discovery of new high strength and toughness zirconium alloy materials have promoted the wide application of Zirconium alloy.

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