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Analysis of supply and demand of pure titanium wire

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Domestic production and consumption of titanium wire

The data shows that the annual output of titanium wire in China was 95t in 2012, a 51.5% decrease compared with 196t in 2011.

Titanium and titanium alloy wires are mainly used for aviation fasteners, medical devices, human implants, sports and leisure products. In addition to good structure and properties, titanium wire also requires very high dimensional accuracy, flatness and surface finish. In China, there are many state-owned and private enterprises that can produce titanium and titanium alloy wire, but so far, few of them can stably produce organizational performance in batches that meet the standards and meet the above three requirements. Some are only provided in small quantities, and the quality is not very stable. Most of these high standard products can only be imported. Among them, there are both technical problems and preparation problems. At present, the small rod wire hot continuous rolling and subsequent finishing production lines of Shenyang Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Baoti Group have entered the commissioning stage. After equipment debugging and process technology research, the situation that high-end titanium alloy small rods and wires are mainly imported will be improved.titanium wires

Analysis of titanium wire import and export

Relevant data shows that in 2012, the import volume of titanium wire in China was 170134kg and the export volume was 168603kg. Compared with the import volume of 175538kg and the export volume of 224099kg in 2011, the import volume was basically the same, and the export volume increased significantly.

Main factors affecting the price of titanium wire

1) Overcapacity in trouble

Titanium is expected to become the third generation metal after iron and aluminum, and has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, military, chemical, nuclear, marine industries and daily necessities. At present, the annual output of sponge titanium and titanium processing materials in China is the first in the world. Since last year, due to factors such as slowing economic growth at home and abroad, the effective demand for titanium products in the downstream is insufficient, resulting in the severe situation of overcapacity in the domestic titanium industry. In 2012, the capacity of sponge titanium in China reached a record 148500 tons/year, but the operating rate was only 72%, and the operating rate of titanium ingot production was as low as 61.4%.

2) The price of raw materials fluctuates greatly

Due to the high cost of titanium processing materials, the price of materials is relatively high. Although its cost performance ratio is obviously better than other materials, its application and promotion are difficult.

3) Titanium processing technology is difficult, and depends on technology and equipment from production to application.

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